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Eye want to hear from you....


Email Address


I currently have space to serve on an artist review board.

I currently have space to be an panelist.

I currently have work for 3 exhibitions group or solo.

I currently have the capacity to teach classes on magic and spirituality

I always have the capacity to receive grant money for the exhibitions I'm plan to curate.

I'm available for interviews, podcast and IG Live conversations.

My topics are black sexuality, black spirituality, womb health, black magic, art as a form or resistance, black joy as a form of resistance, liberation, Changing your inner narrative.

Reach out if you I can hang my work in your office, store, coffee shop, home, studio, gallery.

Reach out if you need a curator to hang art in your studio, gallery, art space.

Reach out if you want to collaborate on an art project.

Reach out if you see that my would be a good fit to your art project.

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